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Supplying and manufacturing larch products since 2007


Supplying products based completely on your request

EU company

Delivery and invoicing from Latvian(EU) company


Payment 7 days after delivery

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Unedged boards from Siberian Larch

Unedged boards from Siberian Larch

Production made by us corresponds to the European 0-1 grade of quality.Logs on the cut are selected very carefully: without branches, mould...

Edged boards from Siberian Larch

Edged boards from Siberian Larch

Quality of production corresponds to the Russian state standard specification ГОСТу 26002-83, 1-4 grade. Cut board from the Siberian larch apply...

Only freshly sawn, first cut Siberian Larch

How we



For our productions we receive raw materials from our suppliers in the North of Krasnoyarsk territory and the North of the Irkutsk region.


We use railway cars to deliver raw materials to our sawmill in Pytalovo (Pskov,Russia) where beams are cut to boards.


Depending on the transport availablity, ready material is either shipped to you directly from Pskov,Russia or shipped to our warehouse in Daugavpils,Latvia where it gets realoded and supplemented before being sent to your destination.


We deliver the material to your warehouse, send you the invoice from Latvian company and you pay within 7 days after delivery when you are confident in the quality of the shipment.

We work directly with you and cut needed sizes based on your requirements!

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