Our firm actively is engaged in processing of the Siberian larch since 2008. Our productions are located in Smolensk (Russia) and Pskov (Russia).
Our main production from the Siberian larch:

– edged and unedged board
– terrace board
– various planed production

Now our firm actively cooperates with the companies from Germany, France, Italy and Netherlands. Our production conforms to the European requirements and has high quality, thanks to a wide experience of our experts in sorting and sawing.

For our productions we receive raw materials by railway cars from the North of Krasnoyarsk territory and the North of the Irkutsk region. Our representatives in Siberia carefully select the round wood of Siberian larch. We buy only the first cut, the high density of annual rings, diameters from 36 cm and more. Length 4 and 6 m.

The Siberian larch (Sibirica Larix) is widely presented in many regions of Russia, but because of the high hardness the larch growing in Siberia, or the Siberian larch which is well-known to experts and judges of wood has special value. According to strength characteristics and resistance to mechanical damages the Siberian larch practically doesn’t concede to the main tree of the Russian woods – to an oak. Distinction according to the specified characteristics in favor of an oak makes less than 1 percent, besides, in a special way dried-up wood of the Siberian larch practically isn’t subject to rotting, partly thanks to gum which in decent proportions contains in its wood.

These unique properties of Siberian larch allow to build of it not only the house on land which can stay hundred years, but also ships and even structures on water as the Siberian larch isn’t afraid neither salty water, neither rodents, neither bugs, neither water microorganisms. For an example it is possible to give Venice, and also the ancient perfectly remained ships.

Production from a larch of such popular timber as lining, a terrace board, batten, a parquet, she also wins from the point of view of environmental friendliness: the larch doesn’t need impregnation by chemical means against rotting thanks to the content of gum. Wood of the Siberian larch apply generally in the designs having contact with environment.