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Our firm actively is engaged in processing the Siberian larch since 2008. Our productions are located in Pskov, Russia (where we unload and cut beams from Siberia) and Liksna, Latvia (our warehouse for repacking the trucks before shipping to the final client)

For our productions, we receive raw materials by railway cars from the North of Krasnoyarsk territory and the North of the Irkutsk region. Our representatives in Siberia carefully select the round wood of Siberian larch. We buy only the first cut, the high density of annual rings, diameters from 36 cm and more. Length 4 and 6 m.

Our company actively cooperates with companies from Germany, France, Italy and Austria. Our production conforms to the European requirements and has high quality, thanks to the wide experience of our experts in sorting and sawing.

Dealing with larch already for 13 years

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