Quality of production corresponds to the Russian state standard specification ГОСТу 26002-83, 1-4 grade.

Logs on the cut are selected very carefully: without branches, mould, fungoid damages, cracks, clefts and other defects.

The measurements of cut boards that are in our offer:

  • Thickness(mm) * width(mm) — 25(27)* 100(105) ; 25(27)* 125(130) ; 25(27)* 150(155)
  • Length(mm) — 4000/6000
  • Grade: 1-4 grade
  • Packing: to ensure good ventilation the planks are put into transport packages on the wooden spacers (the measurements of spacers,  thickness / width (mm): 20÷25 x 20÷25x length. One spacer is put for one running meter of plank. We offer planks of natural moisture and dried.

Cut board from the Siberian larch apply generally in the designs having contact with environment, for example for:

  • structures of facades of private houses and public buildings
  • structures of terraces and balconies
  • roof laying
  • structures of fences and children’s playgrounds
  • structures of moorings and bridges
  • laying of the special constructional elements adjoining to the earth
  • laying of floors
  • structures of boats and yachts.


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