Terrace board from Siberian larch

Even more often not only terraces but also garden paths and also playgrounds and floorings not cover with asphalt, cement or a stone and a fine natural material – a terrace board.
Terrace board from a larch – the fine decision for a country house as to it aren’t terrible neither a rain, snow, low temperatures. The larch is very dense and strong breed of a tree therefore it is steady against any external influences, isn’t subject to a mildew and rotting, isn’t deformed and doesn’t burst at high humidity.
That terrace boards weren’t slippery, their surface do corrugated. It is similar to gentle velvety velveteen in a scar, for what received the name “velveteen”. The terrace board from a larch becomes the real decoration of your yard or a garden. Its laying doesn’t take a lot of time, conveniently and pleasantly to go on it even barefoot.