Production made by us corresponds to the European 0-1 grade of quality. Logs on the cut are selected very carefully: without branches, mould, fungoid damages, cracks, clefts and other defects. Unedged board is one of the most qualitative products in production list from the Siberian larch.

Unedged material from the Siberian larch is cut out from the first cut of a trunk. The chosen log has diameter from Ø 36 cm, the distance between year rings shouldn’t exceed 1,5-2 mm. Therefore it is possible to claim that quality of a material leaving sawmill corresponds to high quality. Not cut material generally serves as raw materials in production sector from glued wood. Boards use also joiner’s productions and the enterprises of the furniture industry.

The measurements of single cutting planks that are in our offer:

  • Thickness(mm) — from 25 to 90
  • Length(mm) — 4000/6000
  • Packing: to ensure good ventilation the planks are put into transport packages on the wooden spacers (the measurements of spacers,  thickness / width (mm): 20÷25 x 20÷25x length. One spacer is put for one running meter of plank. We offer planks of natural moisture and dried.

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